"Manav Sadhna, an NGO based in the Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, is dedicated to the upliftment of the underprivileged through love. "
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earn & learn
To learn more about Earn N Learn project and products visit our website www.earnlearn.org
The Community Center located in the Ramapir no Tekkro, holds two types of classes to support children with their education. Bal Sanskar supports 180 children who are in grades 1-4 and Vidyadham classes supports 150 children who are in grades 5-9. Both of these classes are specially designed and run for children who (1) live in the Tekro community, (2) attend the municipal schools and (3) cannot afford extra classes to support their in-school learning elsewhere.

The Bal Sanskar curriculum focuses on Mathematics, Gujarati, and Environmental Studies along with introductory English and Hindi. The tuition class curriculum focuses on mathematics, English, Social Sciences, and Science and Technology. The children are encouraged to use the Center’s library for reading books and help with school homework. Extra classes to learn basic computer skills are also undertaken by the children in the in the computer lab.

While the Bal Sanskar and Vidyadham offer strong tutoring in subjects which the children learn at school, Manav Sadhna also places a lot of emphasis on value-based education and providing nutrition to all the children. The children are taught extensively about personal hygiene and health, participate in arts and crafts activities, cultural programs, play games, compete in sporting events, and celebrate festivals together at the Community Center.

Our teachers are high school graduates and/or have P.T.C or other graduate degrees. They attend special training throughout the year to design the curriculum, learn how to work with the community, and learn about child psychology. As with all of Manav Sadhna’s educational projects, the children say an all-religion prayer every day. After this daily prayer, the children are told an inspirational story and then hold a discussion session to encourage children to open their thoughts. The children also clean their classrooms and once a week they watch a short inspirational movie clips made by MAM movies, a non-profit organization which supports and creates media for social change. The growth of each child both mentally and academically is recorded monthly.
Promote the development of the children through value-based education
Strengthen the academic foundation of the children and improve their reading and writing skills
Provide nutritional food to the children

Bring out the potential and individual talents of the children so that they may grow up to be productive and happy members of their communities
Teach children the value of service



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